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You need to become a Project Trusted Adviser!

I was taking part on a discussion started by Rob Lambert on the SoftwareTestingClub where he talked about “hitting a brick wall”.  By this he meant the all-too-familiar feeling that regardless how much you raise your voice and warn all the project stakeholders about the imminent danger of following a certain path, they decide against […]

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what makes a good tester?

I was asked to give a short presentation to a Testing Training Class about the attributes required from a Professional Tester in today’s environment. After carefully reviewing the issue and talking with a couple of colleagues I reached the (un-surprising) conclusion that today we look for 2 separate types of attributes in a tester: Soft-Skills […]

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The Pesticide Paradox: how to keep your tests relevant.

Almost 20 years ago Boris Beizer stated what became known as the Pesticide Paradox: “Every method you use to prevent or find bugs leaves a residue of subtler bugs against which those methods are ineffectual.” In plain English this means that as you run your tests multiple times, they stop been effective in catching bugs. […]

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