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Great testers, not so great CVs…

Last week I wrote about the Project Guy Ariely from AQUA was organizing, where people from the Testing Community in Israel donated their time and experience, and gave short presentations (90 min to 3 hours) about various topics related to Testing and QA. I presented a session about QA Management Systems, and based on the […]

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Initiatives for Challenging Times

Times are tough, but in some cases this helps to bring out the best in some people. Like a colleague here in Israel, Guy Arieli from AQUA, who came up with an idea to help Test Engineers looking for a Job who want to expand their theoretical knowledge in Testing and QA. He organized a […]

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Management by Walking Around (your bugs and tests…)

I was introduced to the acronym MBWA (Management by Walking Around) by a colleague who “explained to me” that this is what I did with my teams. Silly me, I thought that this was called “management”… but I guess I was wrong :o) In any case, I noticed lately that just as there are Managers […]

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Are we Testers or QA Engineers?

This is one of the most charged discussions I’ve been in, and what makes it more annoying is the fact that it usually takes a political taste in many Organizations. In any case, I think I managed to understand the confusion and find my answer… I was at SIGiST meeting this week in Tel Aviv, […]

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Why Software SUCKS…

I just finished reading a book that EVERYONE who has anything to do with the software development process needs to read ASAP (and I mean, before you write your next line of code or perform your next tests). The name of the book is Why Software SUCKS… and what you can do about it by […]

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Pair-Testing a practical solution for getting out of the mud

A friend called me yesterday asking for help. He could not find the exact scenario for a critical bug he was trying to report. We sat and after the third reproduction I started seeing a pattern, within 5 minutes of playing together with the bug we got to the exact reproduction scenario. This is an […]

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